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Deploying OpenStack KILO Using RDO

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Deploying OpenStack KILO using RDO

Getting openstack up and running using RDO is fairly straight forward. However many people have asked to deploy openstack with an existing external network. This method should allow any machine on the network to be able to access launched instances via their floating IPs.


  • CentOS7
  • OpenStack RDO KILO
  • Vagrant ( Optional )

Docker Containers in Just 10 Commands

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Docker container in 10 commands

If you are on this page, then you definately know what is Docker , i will not take your time with the introduction part.

Lets do Docker !!!

  • Install docker packages on your Linux host , in my case its CentOS.
# yum install -y docker-io

Ceph: Monitor Troubleshooting

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Ceph monitor ip change

While playing with your Ceph cluster , you might have seen HEALTH_WARN cluster status.

Cluster warning can occur due to several reasons of component malfunctioning such as MON,OSD,PG & MDS.

In my case i saw warning due to Ceph monitors, which was like :

health HEALTH_WARN 1 mons down, quorum 0,1 ceph-mon1,ceph-mon2

Ceph : Reduce OSD Scrub Priority

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Ceph : Reduce OSD Scrub Priority Let’s assume ! on a nice sunny day , you receives complaints that your Ceph storage cluster is not performing as it was performing yesterday. After checking cluster status you found that placement groups scrubbing is going on and depending on your scenario , you would like to decrease its priority. Here is how you can do it.

Ceph Loves Jumbo Frames

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Ceph Loves Jumbo Frames Who doesn’t loves a high performing Ceph storage cluster. To get this you need to tame it , i mean not only Ceph tuning but also Network needs to be tuned. The quickest way to tune your network is to enable Jumbo Frames.

What are they :

  • They are ethernet frames with payload more than 1500 MTU
  • Can significantly improve network performance by making data transmission efficient.
  • Requires Gigabit ethernet
  • Most of the enterprise network device supports Jumbo Frames
  • Some people also call them ‘Giants’